“Aim for compassion not perfection” 

Jae West was born in the small and sunny city of Perth, Western Australia, living a healthy and active lifestyle from a young age her passion for movement and health and desire to gain knowledge and experiences as a pathway to truth was ever present.  

After completing her high-school education she went on to finish a Bachelor of Science Degree majoring in Sports Sciences and Exercise Health where she was awarded the G.G. Watson Prize for the student with the highest course weighted average during her graduating year. This subsequently led her to receive First Class Honours in the area of Exercise Physiology in 2011. 

To apply and embody the wisdom attained from her education Jae then traveled around Western Australia offering health consultations as apart of a leading corporate health service provider. It is here that she learnt to actively listen to the needs of others and co-create integrative solutions to leave people feeling empowered by their choices and goals. 

After a couple of years in corporate health and subsequent travels around the world, Jae's curiosity for the mind-body connection led her back to The University of Western Australia where she is currently completing a PhD, combining the fields of Health Psychology and Exercise Physiology. 

Jae's dedication and inspiration to optimise physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being stems from her own personal journey. Like many teenagers and young adults, Jae experienced the pressures of societal expectations that subsequently manifested into an eating disorder. However, it was the pain, suffering and disconnection associated with the disorder that motivated her to seek for tools and processes that would reconnect her with her true sense of self, inspired the creative social experiments that went on to touch the lives of millions and where she truly learnt the value of self-love and self-acceptance. This theme of self-love and self-acceptance are subsequently at the core of all the modalities and teachings that Jae learns and provides for others and what she consistantly strives to embody on a daily basis. 

Photography by James Garfield , make-up by Megan Faulkner