Jae’s background in yoga started at a young age continuing through primary school, high school and university until embarking on a one year mentor-ship in Yoga focussing on Alignment with Sam Weinstein who trained with BKS Iyengar and Swami Satya Pujari. Subsequently she continued her training in Ubud, Bali under Lily Goncalves and Ramananda Mayi, drawing on the knowledge and wisdom of Yoga, Tantra and the Vedanta in an integrative and easily applicable way.

Jae’s yoga classes aim to combine the deeper elements of self-exploration with the playful nature of the inner child, tailoring each session to the needs of the individual. She takes regular classes in Perth, Western Australia in addition to private sessions, workshops, retreats and global tours, specifically for yoga and in addition to other integrative holistic practices.

She has successfully toured through America as Co-Founder of the social movement The Liberators, facilitating yoga classes and workshops for a small number of participants all the way to hundreds at well-renown festivals including Lightning in a Bottle Festival in California. While on tour Jae also facilitated the opening yoga sequences at Ecstatic Dance LA and San Francisco in addition to workshops in Tucson Arizona. 

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