"To hear the music is to have hope, 
To dance to the music is to have faith, 
To bring others into the dance is to have love."

After being awarded top dance student at Methodist Ladies College during her final year, Jae West continued her passion for dancing as a podium dancer at various nightclubs around Perth from the age of 17, giving her a wealth of knowledge in the ability to freestyle dance and find her own intrinsic rhythm. She also gained experience choreographing and perform to crowds of hundreds, especially during special events and festivals such as Western Australia's Pride Festivals. Her credits include choreographing and dancing for pop princess, Rozalla, during her 'Everybody's Free' Australian Tour performance at Connections Nightclub.

Jae West was also a member of the dance crew 'Mixed Tape', an all women's dance crew that placed 3rd in the 2012 Battlegrounds dance competition in Western Australia, in addition to wining best dressed on the night for the unique and bold statement the crew made. 

Although Jae West predominantly found inspiration from listening to her own natural reactions and movement to music she also complimented her unique style with training in hip hop, dance-hall, hip hop in heels and popping and locking at a number of dance schools around Perth including The Dance Collective (TDC), Cipher Dance Academy and The Dance Workshop. Jae West has also performed at Corporate events such as the WA Youth Awards as a part of the TDC and has also been a hip hop dance teacher at both TDC and Cipher Dance Academy. 

After taking a few years away from dance to focus on her academic work, Jae's passion for movement returned after stumbling across a 5 Rhythms movement meditation during a weekend breath-works workshop in Perth. This short 25 min meditation dropped her back into a true sense of connection with her body, giving her permission to explore free form movement for no other reason then because it felt good. After spending years fixating on wanting to perfect rigid choreography and fit into projected expectations of what it meant to be a 'dancer' this sense of wonder and trust in the human bodies natural movement became a pivotal point of healing. Movement and ecstatic dance became a pure source of joy and happiness for both herself and others, which allowed the deep wounds of disconnection that had resulted from her struggle with an eating disorder to slowly falling away.

Jae now aims to facilitate a safe and nurturing space for people to explore the relationship that they have with themselves and others and re-inspire a sense of curiosity and gratitude for the lessons that the body can teach us through movement. By becoming still and observing the patterns that play out in the physical body we can start to gain an understanding of how to integrate the stillness we experience in movement meditations into our everyday lives. Coming together in common-unity to be witnessed in our own unique expressions with complete acceptance and gratitude. 

For more information on movement meditations and ecstatic dance facilitation by Jae contact her here