"Intimacy means that we're safe enough to reveal the truth about ourselves in all it's creative chaos. If a space is created in which two people are totally free to reveal their walls, then those walls, in time, will come down." - Marianne Williamson

During a new moon dance ceremony I was asked to set an intention for what I wanted to manifest over the next moon cycle. Usually when thinking about the future I like to analyse, reflect and rationalise what I’d like to bring forth to ensure I make the ‘right’ choice, however on this particular occasion as soon as words were spoken the word ‘intimacy’ kept coming to the forefront of my mind.

Now in theory this word excites me as it encompasses everything that I stand for vulnerability, self-acceptance and transparency amongst other qualities but on the other side of that was sheer fear of truly allowing myself to be seen. It is human nature to want to be witnessed in our uncensored and raw state, to be forgiven for our mistakes or short-coming’s and loved unconditionally for our very being. Actually putting ourselves in situations to express our own unique thoughts, feelings, dreams and fears is a whole other story though! Many times we hold ourselves back from connection because we fear the judgement and rejection of others, our mind goes through all the possible worst case scenario’s, many times stemming from repeated childhood wounds of not feeling a sense of belonging and so we convince ourselves of the inevitable future if we allow ourselves to be seen. However if you turn the tables and think of a time when someone has exposed their truth to you, how did you react? A lot of the time there is admiration and appreciation for the courage that it takes to step outside of the comfort zone and share. It’s through those authentic sharing’s that a deep and untempered connection arises. Those warm tingly feelings of the heart smiling, the body relaxing and the mind returning to the present moment.

To have intimacy we need empathy. To know we are here together sharing this human experience. To know we have a shoulder to lean on when we’re sad, a hand to hold when we’re scared and laughter to share when celebrating the joys of life. Giving ourselves permission to receive the special gift of intimacy is the true teaching that I received, the art of allowing. We are not in this human experience to just walk alone but to share the journey with the ones that we love and respect.

Through dropping into my body and expressing myself through movement I realised that my initial fear of the thought of intimacy was not around acknowledging and expressing my shadows, the doubts, the mistakes, the fears but embracing the light, my hopes, dreams and gratitude and sharing that with someone else. So as I danced for the new moon, I danced for my intentions, I danced for intimacy. Not just for myself but for everyone. For everyone to feel a sense of belonging, to have permission to be themselves without feeling like they need to wear a mask, to know that there is nothing that needs to be perfected or proven to earn or be worthy of connection and love.

Hope everyone’s next moon cycle is full of incredible, juicy intimacy!
Love and light