“It requires the eye of faith to see the undeveloped butterfly in the caterpillar”

– Margaret Larso 

Jae West has had world-wide media exposure with viral video's capturing social issues through the global movement that she helped co-found, The Liberators. She has appeared as a guest speaker on a number of podcasts, radio and TV interviews around the world including Ladies Who Lead (America), Sunrise Australia and a special edition of England's ITV lifestyle and entertainment show 'Lorraine'. This has subsequently led to guest speaking events to deliver the message of self-acceptance in an interactive and integrative manner. 

Her drive to embody vulnerability partially stemmed from her background in modelling and acting. Both of these industries played a pivotal role in dissociating between attachment to appearance and appreciation of beauty, discovering that the later can occur without a fixation on the former. 

Through the exploration of characterisation, Jae learnt to delve into the emotions and motivations that drive human behaviour and subsequently understand why people act in their own unique ways. She has appeared in a number of short films and facilitated workshops for actors to integrate holistic modalities and personal experiences into building authentic camera presence. She is currently signed with Australian Acting Agency, Now Actors, for further information in regards to acting bookings please contact the agency directly here or for bookings for guest speaking opportunities please contact here. 

This public act of self-acceptance aims to get people to question the true relationship that they have to themselves and body-image.
Beauty isn't dependent on the external appearance and In this daring street experiment, Jae West co-founder of The Liberators International dives into vulnerability in Times Square, New York City to highlight this powerful message.